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Extra Crispy Bacon Style Strips

NEXT! Bacon is the World's First Plant-Based Bacon that looks, cooks, sizzles, and tastes exactly like fresh Bacon! Crisp, smoky and flavorful, these delicious strips cook up to a tasty perfection, and a 100% guilt-free pleasure.

Original Chick*n Chunks

NEXT! Plant-based chicken is a remarkable alternative, boasting a texture that closely mirrors traditional chicken. Savor the delicious taste and texture of this plant-based option, perfect for your favorite dishes

Bangin Creamy Carbonara

When life gets hectic, we're here for you. Make a pasta bake, add greens, or classic carbonara. It's rich, creamy, packed with NEXT! bac*n-y goodness. Zero meat. Zero hassle. Zero compromises.

Super Saucy Bolognese

Meet our bolognese sensation! Simple, saucy, and incredibly tasty, it's perfect for chili, lasagna, and, yes, classic spaghetti bolognese. Plus, it's meat-free. Great flavour, and even better vibes.

New Chicken 3 Sauce Rogan Josh Lrg

Legendary Rogan Josh

Aromatic and perfectly spiced curry, made with tender lamb-y pieces, is a must-try for curry enthusiasts and flavor aficionados.

Next Thaigreencurryinsitu 020123 1695300085 Sauce Thai Green Lrg

Thai-rrific Green Curry

Indulge in a bold, flavorful meal. Complement it with fluffy rice, and voilà ! You've got a dish that'll have you savoring every bite.

Next Chillisincarne Crop Sauce Chilli Lrg

Devilishly Delicious Chilli Sin Carne

Our B**fy chili sin carne hits that smoky-sweet spot. Packed with attitude and spices, it's down-to-earth comfort food, flavor-packed for enthusiasts.

Next Chicken Sweetandsout Sauce Sweet And Sour Lrg 1695375669

Sensational Sweet & Sour

Faster than takeout, as simple, and twice as delicious. Add rice for an empress's feast. Chopsticks optional, drooling guaranteed.

Next Chicken Arrabiata Sauce Arrabiata Lrg

Wicked Chick*n Arrabiata

Simplicity, fiery zest, and flavor galore. A swift dinner for hectic days; taste never compromised by the rush of life.

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