Extra crispy bacon style strips

Cholesterol Free | Non-GMO

NEXT! Bacon is the World's First Plant-Based Bacon that looks, cooks, sizzles, and tastes exactly like fresh Bacon!

Crisp, smoky and flavorful, these delicious strips cook up to a tasty perfection, and a 100% guilt-free pleasure.

bacon style strips pack
Extra crispy bacon meal
Original chick'n chunks

Good Source of Protein
Rich in Fibre | Non-GMO

NEXT! Chicken Chunks are a delicious, healthy and versatile addition to virtually any beloved Chicken recipe.

original chik'n chunks pack
Original chick'n chunks sandwich
Lightly seasoned chick'n chunks

Good Source of Protein Rich in Fibre | Non-GMO

These extra delicious Chicken Chunks are skillfully seasoned to perfection by our chefs, so that all you have to do is heat the pan, and indulge in sumptuous, tender, and tasty delight.

Lightly Seasoned Chick’n Chunks pack
Lightly seasoned chick'n chunks meal



NEXT! delivers the very best Plant-Based food innovation to meat lovers worldwide. By harnessing cutting-edge food technologies, we’ve managed to develop breakthrough meat cuts which are set to revolutionize the category as we know it. And we’re just getting started!

Our founders are uncompromising visionary Food-Tech entrepreneurs who were dissatisfied by the bland and lacking taste of so-called “Meat Alternatives”. They set out to break the mold and create outrageously delicious, juicy and meaty cuts that would satisfy even the most discerning meat lovers.

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