World Vegan Day

9 Tips for Going Plant-based this World Vegan Day.

Curious about plant-based eating? It’s World Vegan Day today, so what better time to up the veggies and see what all this plant power is about?

If you’re not sure where to start, or how to make sure you get all the right nutrients AND make it tasty, don’t worry because NEXT! Foods has put together a few tips for newbies:

  • Don’t go too hard too soon – for some, eating 100% vegan can be a big change so it’s better to start slow and build from there. This way you’re far more likely to enjoy the diet changes and may even make some of them permanent!

  • Swap it out – a super easy way to start eating more plant-based foods is to swap an animal product for a plant one where you may not even taste the difference. For example, use soy milk instead of dairy in your smoothie, or an alternative meat like NEXT! bacon in your next BLT.

  • Read the labels – you’d be surprised at how many products are out there that are accidentally vegan that you’ve probably already tried and enjoyed, like salad dressings, biscuits, cereals, drinks and more. Check out the ingredients and opt for your favourite vegan ones next time you’re at the shops.

  • Do some research – ever wondered why 2.5 million Australians now identify as vegan or vegetarian? For some it’s ethical while for others it might be the environment or for health reasons (numerous studies reveal wholefood plant-based diets to be the healthiest while evidence shows that vegan diets have significantly less carbon, water and ecological footprints). Finding out the facts may inspire you explore more plant-based living.

  • Keep it simple – it’s great to try new recipes and flex those cooking muscles but mix it up by throwing in some easy meals too – especially when you are time-poor. The new gourmet NEXT! Foods bolognese and carbonara sauces are perfect for getting a nice meaty fix and are ready to go in 90 seconds. All you have to do is boil the pasta, hit the microwave and you’re in business!

  • Be delicious, but nutritious – no one can live off just sodas and potato chips! Find out what key nutrients you need for a healthy balanced diet and make sure you incorporate the right foods into your day to get enough things like iron, calcium, protein and healthy fats. is just one of the many great resources out there.

  • Get creative– there are literally thousands of ways to prepare things like tofu or tempeh for example. If you find a particular vegetable or product is not your thing, maybe you just haven’t found the right dish to use it in yet. Go crazy with whatever combos and recipes tickle your fancy.

  • Embrace the new – once you start exploring a vegan diet you’ll suddenly realise there are so many fruits, vegetables and other products out there you’ve never bothered trying before and have been missing out on. Veganism doesn’t have to be about restriction, think of it as expansion!

  • Get inspired! – it can be tricky coming up with plant-based meal ideas when you’re not used to it so get online and let the experts do the work for you. NEXT! Foods has a bunch of tasty recipes on its website, click here to find your next vegan meal.

The new NEXT! Foods ‘Bangin’ Creamy Carbonara’ and ‘Super Saucy Bolognese’ gourmet plant-based sauces developed by Michelin star Chefs are available now at more than 550 Coles supermarkets Australia-wide.

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